Dental Crowns & Bridges Specialists in Toowoomba

Repair and restore

Our focus at Toowoomba Specialist Dental is on saving your teeth whenever possible. If you have a missing tooth, we can bridge the gap with a dental bridge and if your tooth is damaged we can repair the tooth with a dental crown. These treatments allow you to continue eating and talking with the confidence of a natural-looking smile.

Crown & Bridge Treatments

What are Crowns & Bridges?

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped casing or cap that is precision made to cover the entire visible surface of a damaged single tooth. Crowns are securely fixed in place, unlike removable devices such as dentures. Crowns are cemented onto existing teeth or implants and are designed to look and feel like a natural tooth, complementing your smile.

Commonly used to replace one or more missing teeth, a dental bridge is a fixed dental structure, anchored by two healthy teeth or dental implants on either side of the gap. Acting as anchors, the two outer teeth are capped to secure the middle ‘bridge’ tooth in place. Just like crowns, dental bridges are made to match the size, shape and colour of your other teeth.

What are Crowns made from?

Dental crowns are most commonly made of porcelain and zirconia that can be matched to the colour and texture of your teeth. Some crowns are made using a metal cap with porcelain veneers and are known as PFM (porcelain fused to metal) or VMK. Temporary crowns are crafted from resin.

At TSD, we use only the finest quality materials, often from Japan and Germany that are then handcrafted right here in Australia to enable us to get the perfect match for your smile.

Crown and Bridge Procedures

Crown and bridge procedures are completed over two appointments. The first visit will be 1-2 hours duration, during which your tooth will be prepared, we will take an impression and glue on a temporary resin crown, allowing you to eat as normal. 
 The impression is then sent to the lab and a crown is custom made specifically for that tooth. Two weeks later at your second appointment, your new crown will be cemented into place.

Aftercare for Dental Crowns

A crowned tooth doesn’t need any special care, but it is important that you keep it clean just as you would your natural teeth with twice daily brushing and daily flossing. The average lifespan of a crown is 15 years, however with diligent maintenance, crowns can last over 20 years. Seeing your Toowoomba dentist and hygienist for regular checkups and professional cleans will significantly increase the long term success of your crown treatment.


Dental crowns are versatile and are recommended in a number of situations. They can be used for protecting a weak tooth, restoring a broken or worn-down tooth, covering a dental implant, holding a dental bridge in place, or improving the appearance of a misshapen or discolored tooth.
The duration of the dental crown procedure may vary depending on your specific case. Generally, it requires two visits to the dentist. The first visit will take about 1-2 hours. In this visit the tooth is prepared, impressions are taken, and then a temporary crown is placed. The crown is then custom made in a dental laboratory, and during the second visit, it is permanently cemented onto your tooth.
Dental crowns are designed to be durable and long-lasting. The average lifespan of a crown is 15 years but with diligent care they can last for over 20 years.
Dental crowns can be customised to match the colour, shape, and size of your natural teeth, ensuring a seamless blend with your smile. With advancements in dental materials, modern crowns are designed to be highly realistic, making them nearly indistinguishable from natural teeth.
If you are looking for dental crowns in Toowoomba, our dental clinic offers high-quality restorative dentistry services, including specialist dental crowns. Contact us to schedule a consultation, and our experienced dental professionals will assess your needs and guide you through the process.
Dental bridges are recommended when you have one or more missing teeth. They help restore your ability to bite and chew properly, maintain facial structure, prevent adjacent teeth from shifting, and improve the aesthetics of your smile.

Dental bridges are designed to be durable and long-lasting. With proper care and maintenance, they can last for many years, typically ranging from 10 to 15 years or even longer. By attending regular dental check-ups, implementing good oral hygiene practices, and avoiding habits that may damage the bridge you can help prolong its lifespan.

If you are looking for dental bridges in Toowoomba, our dental clinic offers expert restorative dentistry services, including dental bridges. Contact us to schedule a consultation, and our skilled dental professionals will assess your needs and guide you through the process.